Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Prepare yourself for Greatness in 2015!

Hi Friends, 
So often we see that the people who produce at the top of their game are those who commit to excellence.
It has been proven that MINDSET and COMMUNICATION skills are the two most important skills that determine the level of success of a Chiropractic practice.
Have you made the right investment for you and your team in 2015?
Here’s why Schubel Vision Seminars are for you!
Are you tired of spizz fests with little to no usable content for your practice Monday morning or hearing speakers on the stage say one thing and do another in practice?
At Schubel Vision everything you hear from stage is exactly what is being applied in our practices.  While you will certainly feel inspired by our speakers, you will also get concrete lessons that, when applied, will lead to your success in practice or your student clinic experience.  We don’t “mix” our message…what we say is what we do in our practices.  If you have always wanted to see how this is done successfully then you MUST be at this upcoming seminar.
Are you looking for real growth from people that know how to make it happen?
All of our speakers are either in active practice or are working constantly on training others to be successful in active practice.  Our entire focus is helping you to leave the weekend with the REAL WORLD TOOLS that you need to improve the quality of your service and your ability to serve more people.
Are you tired of the negativity, personal attacks and judgments?
We don’t have any room for that at Schubel Vision.  We have been shocked at the low level of slanderous statements made lately on Facebook by “Keyboard Cowboys”.  Meanwhile, on the sidelines, the anti-subluxationists and the skeptics sit around and laugh at the childish behavior of some of our fellow Chiropractic leaders.
At Schubel Vision we support you in a positive environment. There are no cliques or “in crowds”.  We are all together on this mission to get more Chiropractic to more people.  Let’s work together to learn the skills to make our practices stronger and our effect on the world even greater.
Do you want more new practice members/patients?  Do you want more referrals?  Do you want more profit?  Do you want practice members to get it?  Do you want better relationships with your family?
If these are your objectives then Schubel Vision Seminars are DEFINITELY for you.  We focus on these topics and cover them in depth (and from different perspectives) so that YOU can find what style works for you.
Now is the time to act.  Mark your calendar and book your ticket today.
2015 is your year to shine.  Opportunity is knocking.  Will you answer?
See you at the top my friend!

Liam P. Schubel DC - KOABD -  Official director of CWD (Self-Appointed)

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