Monday, February 11, 2013

The Vision: Chiropractic World Domination

    Have you ever stopped and wondered what the world would be like if every man, woman, and child in the world was checked for subluxation since birth and continued to receive regular chiropractic adjustments when needed throughout their lives?  What would that mean to the human potential of the planet?  Why isn’t Chiropractic normal yet?  Why do some people even Chiropractors refer to Chiropractic as an alternative to medicine?  Why do we prefer to use invasive things when dealing with dis-ease in the body like harmful drugs, dangerous injections, and risky surgeries?  Have we lost all common sense?  Have we really become that disconnected from our innate intelligence?

    These are the questions that keep me awake at night.  They tend to cause many Chiropractors even to become depressed.  I once heard Donny Epstein the inventor of Network Chiropractic say that the cure to depression is to “Do Sh#@!!!! “ One of Gandhi’s famous quotes was to “be the change that you wish to see in the world. “ I have found that, whenever I am feeling frustrated or upset about a current situation, the best way out of it is to clearly define the challenge and then to strategize a solution, which is followed by taking massive action.  This technique has not only helped my mental well being tremendously but it has also brought me glorious riches.  The whole world loves men and woman who provide solutions rather then complain about the problems at hand.

  I have asked the question time and time again: Why is Chiropractic not something normal in most people’s lives yet?  If you keep asking the right questions persistently the universe will eventually send the answer.  My answer came at Sherman College of Chiropractic’s Lyceum a few years ago.  A good friend of mine Dr. Myron Brown suggested that I attend the presentation of sociologist Dr. Yvonne Villanueva-Russell.  Dr. Villanueva –Russell is the wife of New Zealand Chiropractic College president Dr. Eric Russell.  She has done some groundbreaking research on a topic called cultural authority.  What is cultural authority?  “Cultural authority is the collective programming of a given society in regards to their norms and expectations” This is a term that we must begin to understand if we are to bring about a change in the way our collective culture views its health and health care.  Currently Medicine is the cultural authority for health in most countries of the world.  A medical doctor legally can declare you born, sick, and/or dead.  They have authority in many places to determine what course of action must legally be taken in regards to your children’s health.  Stray outside this cultural authority’s “norms” and your children may even be taken away from you as you are sent to jail.

     I have been fascinated by this movement in some countries to take chiropractic away from its unique philosophy, art, and science and move it over to the current ruling cultural authority of medicine.  Eliminating the terms innate intelligence and vertebral subluxation from our lexicon and changing our focus to the treatment of a limited number of musculoskeletal conditions in the hopes that the cultural authority may finally accept us is an interesting concept.   During a recent trip to speak to the World Congress of Chiropractic Students in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I was told that they are learning “evidence based” chiropractic.  That actually sounds good to me.  I asked them if they had read all the evidence in relation to the existence of an innate intelligence and the validity of the vertebral subluxation.  I asked if they have the Journal for Vertebral Subluxation Research in their school library.  The answer to both of these questions was no.  Apparently the move toward “evidence based” chiropractic comes with an agenda.  There is no objectivity when certain evidence is dismissed or not even presented over other evidence that may be considered more acceptable to the current cultural authority of medicine.

   So what is the solution to this obvious obfuscation of the truth?  Action…Action…Action..  If we are to bring Chiropractic and it benefits to the roughly 7 billion people on this planet then we are going to have to get involved and stand up and lead the world.  The cultural authority is not always correct.  The only way to bring it down and to transform a society is to lead a movement to change it.  We must be the change that we wish to see in the world.

I believe this change must occur in three parts.
  1. We must have successful practices with huge volumes of satisfied practice members who are willing to participate in this movement.  They must be educated and excited about this peaceful revolution of consciousness.
  2. We must become involved in politics.  Too long we have only focused on serving our people in our practices while others within our profession have passed laws to create barriers to delivering chiropractic adjustments to the people.
  3. Giving back to the students that are currently in Chiropractic school.  Have you spoken to the students at a chiropractic school yet?  In spite of the schools agendas we can now reach the students and organize talks and seminars through Facebook and the Internet.  Facebook was instrumental in bringing down the incorrect cultural authorities of many Middle Eastern nations.  This can also be done with the current incorrect cultural authority of medicine and medic like chiropractors who are trying to convert chiropractic to medicine.  We must train the next generation of Chiropractors because the schools are simply not doing it.
Contact me today to get involved in this growing principled movement.  Every day we are finding world wide that the principled Chiropractic movement is gaining more momentum.  We can take control of this important game if we only stand up, speak out, and lead.  If you are not going to lead the way then move out of my way because I am coming through and I am bringing the rest of the 7 billion people on the planet with me.

Liam P. Schubel D.C.

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