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This Blog is written so that others may embrace the chiropractic principle in its pure form and continue to act as bears of a sacred trust.

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As BJ writes on volume 37 Page 253

“May God flow from ABOVE-DOWN His bounteous strengths, courages, and understandings to carry on; and may your Innates receive and act on that free flow of wisdom from ABOVE- DOWN, INSIDE- OUT; for you Have in YOUR possession a sacred trust. Guard it well.”

When I received my first chiropractic adjustment I was immediately transformed and I erroneously believed that all other lay people and chiropractors embraced chiropractic in full faith just as I did.

The difference between being a chiropractor and accepting chiropractic in full faith is huge. Today the trend term is the “chiropractic lifestyle” but even that seems to be diluting the original message. One part of embracing chiropractic is to try to live our lives innately as best we can. Often innate is called the sub-conscious- this is an inconsistency because the word sub means or implies below the conscious level a better way to think of our innate is our super-conscious.

Innate alone can bring life from mere clay and innate alone if not dominated by the educated can carve out a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Living the chiropractic lifestyle can be a daunting task because you often find yourself at odds with friends and family members at many of life’s toughest decisions.

Our own first trial came when my wife (principled chiropractor) became pregnant with our first child and chose to have a natural childbirth. My wife’s idea of a natural birth was a home delivery with absolutely no medical intervention pre or post birth. This lead to shock and outrage by many family members and friends. Who were we to have our baby the way we wanted to? Were we crazy, insane, cult like, dogmatic -YOU BET! We took responsibility for our health and the health of our unborn child. We consulted with Cynthia Whitehead (Chiropractor and mid-wife) and decided medical dogma and cult -like adherence to a failed system was not for us.

I am happy to say our first child Montana Scout Nogrady was born on 10/7/96 at home in the same bed she was conceived in, moments after her very difficult birth her Atlas was checked and adjusted. Hours later we all went to sleep together as one safe happy content family. 23 months later our second child was born- his birth was easy by comparison of his sister he was a tiny little perfect gentleman his Atlas was checked and he was clear. As we had no drug care insurance our children’s births were paid for in cash. The total cost for both children was $3,200. Crazy? You bet! Cult-like, you bet! We were hooked on a system of life and health that made sense to us. After the children were born our families began to get on the drug injection-vaccination kick, I used to ask them why they were so into drug use?

I never got a good answer. I have come to understand that the majority of people want to do what everyone else does so that if there is a problem they are not responsible. They like to leave decisions to other people and authority. At this time our two children are 16 and 14 they have never taken a drug or received an injection. You would think most sane sensible person would want this for their family, but sadly it seems people want sick, medicated children because that what everybody else does. Chiropractic has provided a life and a life style for my family that I would have to live ten life times to repay this is why I am so passionate about chiropractic.

Being a Chiropractor can be a daunting task, think of the legions of chiropractors that have dipped their toes into the philosophy of chiropractic and dared not go further. Educating a drug addicted society into the light and life of chiropractic, while going against the biggest drug gangs in the world is a terrifying task. It is no wonder that many chiropractors seek acceptance through assimilation into the drug culture. I ask you why would we want to assimilate into a failed sick system when we have the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic. We possess the greatest system ever, a system of locating and correcting spinal subluxations. Our job is to restore the flow of life. Our system does not limit us to stiff necks and back pain but instead elevates us to the highest level. We help the body get closer to the creator. Why would we want to trade the greatest discovery of mankind for a pill?

I believe BJ explains it best as to why it seems so hard to get people into the sane, scientific way of chiropractic thinking. Volume 37 page 65 “Innate cannot and seemingly WILL NOT flash thots to a super-educated muddled brain filled with complex misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and misconstructions of itself. It would be like trying to get one clear thot into a brain filled with violent insanity”

Most people are filled up with medical and social dogma we must help them empty their sick cup so that they may start drinking from the cup of health. Chiropractic is a BIG JOB, ours is a calling, a sacred trust. We have a world of people that need our help. We must get our heads straight and tell the chiropractic message –undiluted and in its pure form.

All the best to you and yours,

Doctor of chiropractic
Judd Nogrady

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